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Extra Strong Goddess Yoni Oil Unscented 2oz

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Use for passion, pleasure, and daily maintenance!

  • Relieves itching, and discomfort 
  • Helps with vagina dryness 
  • Prevent ingrown hair 
  • Vagina odor
  • Unscented

Herb infused in the oil includes 20 infused minerals the top 10 ingredients are
🌺Rose petal
🌺Red plum
🌺Calendula flower
🌺Lotus seed hear
🌺Albizia flower
🌺Lily flower

Essential Oil used includes: Oregano oil, Clove buds, sweet orange essential oil, tea tree, and vitamin E, Aleo Vera.

All ingredients are natural and refreshing for your yoni.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This oil is everything !!!

So I’ve been getting little cyst on my inner labia and everytime I put this oil on like 1 or 2 days later it goes away with this oil and not only is my coochie wetter every time me and my partner have s*x buy this shit !!!!

Really good!!

Okay y’all, so I actually bought this oil on accident lol I meant to get the scented one, HOWEVER, I LOVEEE this oil! I used it while I was on my cycle and it worked really well so I think that’s how I’ll continue to use it! I’m used to the scented goddess oil but this was fantastic and did everything it was supposed to do and I felt so fresh after using it too. All I have to say is her yoni oils are bomb!! This is definitely worth the purchase! I’ll be making sure to stay stocked up 😌

Mary Rose
The truth

This does exactly what it says it does! Love this product, so does my bae 😻

Cecelia Panek

Extra Strong Goddess Yoni Oil Unscented 2oz

Julia Medina
Amazing!!! My man loves it!!!!

A little goes a long way with this stuff 😉