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Sensual Pleasure Yoni Bar

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Designed to Boost Sexual Desire! Promotes natural moisture, helps with itchiness, odor & kills bacteria

This product has fragrance added to it. It is safe but should be used on the labia, vulva, & body. This product isn't recommended to be used on the inside of the yoni.

Ingredients: Clove oil, herbs, Aleo Vera, Calendula, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Peppermint, Honey, & Tea Tree, maca extract, passion flower

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Merita Brown
First bar not as pepper-minty 😁

I love these bars. I purchased 2 previously and they had me tingling! This one that I opened, not so much this time around. I know that each bar is unique so I can’t wait to open my second bar. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.

Pleasantly surprised

So as soon as I received my package (which I received in only a day!) I opened it up and fell in love with the scent of this bar. It lathers really well and is so creamy. I have to say though that the real magic came after my shower. If you’re a bigger girl you should definitely try this soap because it leaves all your soft folds with a freshness that I don’t get from other soaps. I stayed dry and fresh for the rest of the day and night.

The best 🙌🏽Hands down !!

My Queen you continue to amaze me. This is my first time using this soap and OMG !! I didn’t expect anything less. I love love love it. Continue to walk in your royalty Empress.

Bengelly mejias
In Love

The smell is so soothing, im in love. Lathers up quite nicely. My boyfriend loves the way my skin smells after using it, got him addicted to this scent. Its a must get !!

Monica Jones

Sensual Pleasure Yoni Bar (Scented)