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Shea Butter Tumeric, Underarm, thighs & Yoni Scrub 8oz

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This scrub is great for those with severe acne scarring, severe hyperpigmentation, discoloration within inner thighs, and inner butt crack. This scrub is super moisturizing for those who suffer from dry skin. Turmeric and the essential oils combined can heal wounds, prevent breakouts, fight off eczema, brighten dark marks, reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Tumeric, Aleo Vera, herbs, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Clove buds, Sea Moss, Sugar.

Customer Reviews

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K Anderson
No more "Big Brands" EVER

I have been using Summer's Eve for years. Then one day I decided to wake up and really realize what are in the products that I'm using. I feel like it's a miracle that I found this brand. I love entrepreneurs and I can feel the love that gets put into the product as opposed to big companies who actually don't really care. And honestly everyone should wake up to what big companies are putting in their products because it's not healthy.
So I am addicted to these products.
As a girl with very very very sensitive skin this has been such a treasure.
Keep doing what you're doing I'm so grateful.

Adria Dewberry
Did not receive order

Did not receive order

5 stars

This product not only smells amazing, but it also exfoliates and rehydrates dead, dry skin. I get contact dermatitis in my inner thighs and vaginal area from sweat during the hotter months when its impossible to keep my skin dry. The shea butter really forms a barrier so it helps those rashes heal faster plus its gentle on your most sensitive areas! It really does lighten and brighten the skin.

Caitlin Rose
Almost Perfect

I’m on my 3rd jar of this scrub. It is incredibly moisturizing, smells heavenly and has reduced my abdominal stretch marks. The only thing I would improve upon is how long it takes to fully rinse it off.

Shonquise Gibbs

Shea Butter Tumeric, Underarm, thighs & Yoni Scrub 8oz