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Goddess Yoni Oil

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Use for passion, pleasure, and daily maintenance!

  • Relieves itching, and discomfort 
  • Helps with vagina dryness 
  • Prevent ingrown hair 
  • Vagina odor


Apply 2-3 drops on fingers and rub around the vagina. May also add a couple of drops to your bathwater. It can also be used as a lubricant during intimacy

Herb infused in the oil includes 20 infused minerals the top 10 ingredients are
🌺Rose petal
🌺Red plum
🌺Calendula flower
🌺Lotus seed hear
🌺Albizia flower
🌺Lily flower

Essential Oil used includes: Oregano essential oil, Clove buds, sweet orange essential oil, tea tree, and vitamin E, Aleo Vera and coconut oil

Yoni Goddess oil is specially made with love helping to maintain a healthy uterus and prevent excess bacterial and rid infections

All ingredients are natural and refreshing for your yoni. Say no to harmful products that will disturb the ph of your yoni. Treat it like the goddess that you are.

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Fonda Darby
Love It!

The scent is AMAZING!

Keeps My Clit Pumping!!!

First of all, the smell is so amazing!! Second of all I put this all over my body too. It Keeps my Vagina so moist and pumping , i mean literally it keeps her awake at all times!!! I am Celibate for quite a few years, so i bought it for maintenance....God Bless the man thats ready.... because my vagina will grip , slip and slide, grip slip and slide on heavy rotation😮‍💨😮‍💨🤘🏽🤘🏽

Outstanding, soul snatching lol mind blowing it’s GREAT

WHEWW Child , last night I just know I’m pregnant that’s all imma say , he ate every hole every piece of skin idk , idk what kind of spell you put in these products but thank you ,! I am obsessed now it was very pleasurable it was a movie fasho ! 😂😩🔥 gotta go get a plan B for the second time cause this shit magical that Goddess Oil is the TRUTH

Stephany Salinas
Slippery slope

Best Yoni oil Tbhhhhh it is sooo good no ingrown hairs at all. Super smooth and wet down there. My ph balance is not being thrown off either. So over all 100/10

Bengelly mejias
I had no idea what yoni oil was !!

I didnt know what a yoni oil was or that it was so beneficial, has helped me so much with eczema and dryness. My skin is prone to dryness and these products have worked wonders for my skin and yoni.