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Virgin Again Yoni Mist 8oz

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Virgin again Feminine Yoni Spray is a nontoxic spray formulated with antibacterial properties. This spray neutralizes odor, kills bacteria, balances your pH, and gives you a nice cool fresh tingling feeling. This is the perfect spray to use after your gym workout when using the restroom, and even your workout in the bedroom. This spray can help with balancing your pH, reducing odor, calm itching feeling, and snapping you back tighter.


Aloe Vera Water, herbs, tea tree, distilled water

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Grammy Award Winning

Literally the best feminine yoni spray I've tried and its all natural. It has a light scent that is very appeasing and it honestly keeps me fresh all day. The yoni is a very ensitive area and at first I was shy to try but it did not irritate me at all. It's a favorite and a must have for me so feel free to try it because you definetly won't regret it.

Stephani C

I absolutely love this product.

Mildred Pierre
Love them

I adore the products
From soap, yOni wash, vaginal spray
I haven’t used the oil and the tumeric scrab yet. But I’m stocked for a while.

Jay Renee
So fresh!

I love this spray! I use it anytime I feel like I need a lil refresher in the day (:
It smells like vanilla and cucumbers!

Irina Dogotari
Good product

It is a good product if you need a quick refresh, I like the ingredients that are good for my body and have antimicrobal properties, which helps control odor and slightly hydrate. It comes in a good size bottle, without any dyes. It has very light, barely noticeable scent, which i wouldn't mind to be stronger. It will last me for a while, will most likely repurchase.